My decision to campaign for Clark County Sheriff comes from a strong desire to serve people. I look forward to building an enduring professional and dedicated law enforcement presence that serves each and every resident of Clark County.  I have a strong common sense of right and wrong. That, combined with a deep desire to help out others.  When I am elected as your Sheriff, my commitment to serve our community will transform into the mission of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  Our mission will be one that puts citizens first and makes our county safer for each and every family.

The culture of the Sheriff’s office is a direct reflection of the Sheriff. The Sheriff is responsible for changing the culture from the top down. I will bring in more diverse applicants to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Your Sheriff must serve as a leader to make the office better reflect Clark County, to that I add this; there will be a career ladder to the top for women and minorities within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

I’ve met with citizens, veteran’s groups, business owners, community activists, emergency responders, faith-based groups, parents, teachers, and Second Amendment supporters and most importantly Law Enforcement Officers. I’ve listened to their suggestions and ideas. I’ve heard the concerns from the men and women of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and their families. They want change, they want new leadership. These law enforcement families have asked me to lead them into a new era of community service and protection. All of these men and women with hundreds of years of law enforcement experience say they are supporting Tim Bedwell.

The enforcing of laws is more than just preventing and solving crime. Good law enforcement requires the best possible service combined with a common sense approach. Every direct community interaction is an opportunity to enhance the quality of life for each and every citizen of Clark County. As your Sheriff one of my many priorities will be to offer leadership, integrity and commitment that promotes a culture of knowing when to be strong and when to be compassionate.


Tim Bedwell – Tested, Proven, & Committed



On June 12, 2018, vote Tim Bedwell
for Clark County Sheriff


  1. Speaking to you directly I enjoyed our conversations and learned about who you are and what you stand for. I had decided to vote for you and to endorse you. This web site however and the information on it falls terribly short of impressive and discourages my support.
    I am looking for information about you that will encourage my support. Where shall I find it?

    • Try our Straight Forward Priorities link at the top of the page. We believe the information will help encourage your support.
      Thank you for your input it is very much appreciated.

      -Bob Martinez-

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