Tim Bedwell is a collaborative leader and communicator with Straight Forward Priorities. As Sheriff, Tim’s integrity,
communication skills, and knowledge of Southern Nevada public safety issues will help make
Clark County a better place to live, work, and play.

Straight Forward Priorities:

Career Background
• Tim’s adult life has been committed public safety and national security.
• 20-year Marine Corps veteran. 22 years as a police officer.
• 16 years in Southern Nevada.
• MS in criminal justice organizational management. BS in criminal justice.

Immediate Crime Reduction Priorities

2017 was a record year for homicides, even without counting the 58 people killed on October
One. Note: victims of October One will be added to all reporting processes.

Undo decentralization which has resulted in out of control crime, a record number of
murders and a rapidly growing gang problem.
Address the growing number of home and commercial burglaries. Dispatch a patrol
officer or crime scene investigator to all “cold” burglaries to gather evidence. Re-unify
the detective bureau.

Better focus on traffic enforcement to reduce roadway carnage. Less reliance on static
enforcement. Respond to non-injury crashes and cite at-fault drivers.
Improve coordination with the District Attorney’s office. Improve detective/prosecutor
coordination on cases to increase the rate of filings on criminal cases.

Apply community policing practices on the Strip and Downtown. Make those areas
more people friendly. Officers assigned there will have specific beats and will apply
community policing strategies.
Conduct a review of vice unit activity in light of public accusations of impropriety and
possible criminal activity.
Properly staff the human trafficking division. Las Vegas is well known as a sex
trafficking mecca. Proper staffing must be added to investigate those responsible for
this problem.

Domestic violence has negative immediate and long-range implications for all of us.
Arresting a family member almost never solves a problem. However, it must routinely
be done to provide immediate protection for victims. Unfortunately, victim resources
are scarce and offender programs are inadequate. Tim will work with the community to
find solutions.


Immediate Organizational Leadership Priorities

Improve low morale by giving a voice to rank and file staff. Reduce micromanagement
and the “good ole’ boy” system.

Rebuild trust and legitimacy in the Department. The community’s level of trust has
been tainted by high profile incidents as well as a regular seep of negative incidents that
go unanswered by Department leadership. Public information will be shared as quickly
as possible, in accordance with State law. In instances where there is a legitimate reason
to protect information, the organization will convey this fact and be responsible to
proactively release information once there is no reason to withhold it.

Improve critical incident response and leadership to ensure the safety of the public and
department employees. Improve training to provide supervisors a better understanding
of how to approach dynamic situations, when exigency exists, and when it is better to
slow things down for everyone’s safety.

Make better use of accountability and employee early warning systems. Every police
officer must be held accountable to act in accordance with department policy,
applicable laws, our Constitution, and the code of ethics. There can be no regard to an
employee’s rank, years in the system, internal friendships of personal relationships. All
officers will know they can report improper behavior displayed by a peer or supervisor
without fear of retribution.

Improve intelligence led community-oriented policing. Improved policing will be
increasing public trust through closer association and shared goals.

Revamp procurement and contracting processes. Metro has a horrible record with poor
choices in equipment (such as radio systems) and with contracts where an appearance
of preferential treatment exists. The public has a right to know how their money is spent.

The LVMPD will not go outside the state for services or equipment competitively available from Nevada companies.

Prevent a warrior police culture. Post 9/11 policing has seen a resurgence of a warrior
mindset in policing. Police officers should go to work every day with the goal of making
their community feel safe, not as an occupying force strapped for combat.


Equal Service for all

Making the Strip / Downtown Safe for Everyone. Giving tourist properties the same
type of intelligence led community policing services we provide elsewhere. Las Vegas
presents unique public safety challenges, both in general policing and in counterterrorism
related security. Instead of cycling officers through those areas, they should
be treated like a neighborhood beat, with officers learning the properties and the
people working there. This formula works and should be applied everywhere we police.

Resolve the October One shooting. Release all records of the event in accordance with the law.
Conduct a thorough review of the incident, the public safety response, all facets of the
investigation, and changes made following the event.

Americans often take for granted individual rights and personal security most of the world’s
population does not enjoy. Protecting these rights while providing public safety is my passion.
– Tim Bedwell


On June 12, 2018, vote Tim Bedwell
for Clark County Sheriff