Tim is a veteran, proven public servant, and leader whom all Clark County residents can trust to do the job of Sheriff directing county law enforcement staff and resources intelligently and with accountability to our diverse community.

He is a man of integrity, honor, intelligence, faith, a man of his word, hard working, respected and will get the job done. He appreciates the need for effective public safety throughout the County. Residents of Clark County don’t have time for false promises and fake efforts, we need true change NOW. Of all the pressing needs of our community, here is a short list of the most critical:

  • I plan to undo the decentralization done by the Sheriff, which has resulted in out of control crime. We will respond to burglaries again. That’s how we find evidence to catch criminals and reduce crime.
  • I will rebuild the gang unit as it was before it was dismantled, only with slightly more resources to make up for lost ground.
  • We will stop chasing simple speeders and respond to crashes, where we can cite people who actually cause crashes.
  • We will return to centralized property crimes detective bureau. I will work with he DA to improve detective/prosecutor coordination on cases to improve the rate of filings on criminal cases.
  • Initiate community policing practices on the strip to help clean up the serious and petty crimes happening there. Plus officers assigned to the strip will have specific beats and will get to know the people working the casinos and other businesses on the strip, like we do in neighborhoods.
  • A complete and comprehensive review the entire chain of command and ensure we are not too heavy in rank.


Tim’s priorities are straight forward:

  • Most importantly, I will listen to the brilliant police officers, supervisors, and commanders. Their ideas will be the bedrock of all my changes. I will listen to them before I make any changes, to ensure we do the right things the right way. For the right reasons.
  • For too long, officers have been micromanaged and ideas have been marginalized unless they were in the chosen group. The ideas I describe here come from my discussions with Metro staff and with citizens. I am a collaborative leader and I don’t believe that any one person has all the answers.
  • I had a Top Secret SCI/ SBI background in the Marines with a critical understand operational security. The information not yet released by Metro about October One had better not have national security implications because if it does there are specific ways to protect that information and the Sheriff must use those avenues to protect it. Since he did not do that and three courts have ordered the information released, I will continue to criticize on this issue. Besides, it’s up to the Sheriff to communicate with the public, even when he is wrong or challenged by the public.
  • As for schools. I am already working with school police, Trustees, parents and educators to find solutions that make schools safer before we have a mass murder of children. That is a priority and it has three elements I am pushing: 1 cops in schools, 2 Better communication. 3 Fusion Center task force on school threats.

Please understand that I won’t write detailed plans for all of these things because I need The expertise of the organization with me when we formulate these plans. Furthermore I am going to Metro as a leader, not as a dictator.

You will have greater access to me as Sheriff than even now because that will be my job. I will Listen to you and the rest of Clark County’s 2 million plus people and lead one of the finest police agencies in the country to achieve our goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

As for the PPA. I use the union’s own letter to make an unavoidable point, 18% of the membership supports the Sheriff. The Sheriff has almost 3 decades there. That is abysmal. If those are my numbers after only four years at metro, consequently I won’t run for re-election. You decide for yourself what that means to you.


You can support us in many ways:

  • Spread our message through your social networks
  • Talk with your neighbors
  • Call your friends and family
  • Display a lawn sign
  • Donate to the campaign


On June 12, 2018, vote Tim Bedwell
for Clark County Sheriff