An Experienced Leader

Tim Bedwell has served his country and community with honor and distinction. Decades of leadership have given Tim a balanced perspective. Tim recognizes there are many ways to succeed and that every agency can learn valuable insight from its peers. His unique perspective on teamwork, management, and cooperative negotiations can and will benefit Clark County and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in many ways.

Gunnery Sergeant Tim Bedwell (center front) Marine Detachment Commander, U.S. Embassy Athens Greece – 1991

Tim Bedwell’s public safety credentials run deep. As a young Marine Sergeant in the late 70’s Tim supervised Marine security teams safeguarding Nuclear Weapons. In the 80s he spent five years as Marine Detachment Commander at U.S. Embassies, safeguarding U.S. missions abroad. He possessed a special access Top Secret clearance when he left the Marines.

Yuma County Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Bedwell (right) with the Department Shooting Team receiving Sylvester Villa Pistol Competition Plaque from Sheriff Ralph Ogden – 1996

For the final two years of his military career, Tim was a volunteer sworn Deputy at the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO). He assisted in training the Department Special Response Team (SRT) and wrote the team’s standard operating procedure manual. When he left the Marines in 1995, Tim became a full time Deputy at YCSO. He worked patrol, trained new officers, and continued as a part of the SRT. Tim left YSCO as a Detective in 1999, moving to Gilbert Arizona where he was a Police Officer until 2001. In Gilbert, Tim continued training new officers and was a Department firearms instructor.

Tim’s university education includes both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminal justice.

I completed my master’s thesis on police / media relations. I chose that subject because I believe law enforcement must do a better job of communicating with the public.

North Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Tim Bedwell (back to camera) holding a press conference – 2016

In 2001, Tim moved to Las Vegas to be a police officer at the North Las Vegas Police Department (NLVPD). Tim was a patrol officer and Field Training Officer until 2004 when he was assigned to the office of the Chief and served as the Public Information Office (PIO) until he made Sergeant in 2008. Tim worked in patrol until he was called back to the office of the Chief in 2009 to supervise special investigations, background investigations, recruiting, public information, and field training for the Department.

North Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Speaking at a Nevada Highway Patrol meeting – 2016

In 2012 the City of North Las Vegas called upon Tim to become Director of Intergovernmental Services and lobby on behalf of the financially struggling City. He led the lobby team for the City of North Las Vegas in Carson City during the 77th (2013) Session and 27th (2013) Special Session of the Nevada Legislature. His efforts at the legislative session helped North Las Vegas obtain needed budgetary relief. Tim has superb relationships with local government officials, and private leadership.

Tim continued working as a Lieutenant at NLVPD, applying all of his executive skills to help the citizens of North Las Vegas until he retired in 2017.

Lieutenant Tim Bedwell (left) speaking at a community meeting for the “Shooting for Peace” event in Las Vegas – 2016

Public safety must maintain a partnership with the community in order to function well. Too many senior managers try to apply  their personal experiences to complex criminal justice issues because they lack the leadership to bring groups together to solve problems. “That’s how we have always done it” becomes the organizational mantra.We have to break that pattern.



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