In the last few days information coming out about Sheriff Lombardo has taken a dark turn. It’s personal in nature and serious. As a result many of you have reached out and asked me to comment on the more significant stories. Some ask why I have not disavowed the stories, other ask why I don’t capitalize on them. Let me explain why I have done neither.

First let me make it clear, I have not created any of this information, nor am I supporting those digging up the information or producing the content. I do not have any personal knowledge of the allegations and don’t know the truth of any of these stories. I don’t know his family and will not make them part of any discussion.

As I have promised from the beginning I respond to all legitimate questions on social media. Yet I have not publicly shared or commented on a vast number of posts that do not pertain to the management of Metro or the Sheriff’s political stance on issues. I’ve answer lots questions and criticize Lombardo while debating issues, but I have not and won’t go after him. I am running a clean campaign. I am campaigning for the office of Sheriff on the merit of my abilities, not on a platform of replacing a corrupt or incompetent opponent.

It has been pointed out that some of the people creating the videos are vocal supporters of my campaign. They even use my photo in some of the content and champion me as the best candidate for the Sheriff. That’s not surprising considering the animus they have for Lombardo. I do know the truth of the allegations and have not shared them on my page, to support or disavow them, because I do not want to be accused of promoting the content on my social media.

I’ve regularly criticize Sheriff Lombardo, but it’s in regard to his lack of leadership and transparency. I campaign on those issues because they are my strengths and his weaknesses. My campaign foundation is bringing better leadership to Metro and empowering the people working there, giving neighborhoods the public safety they want, and being transparent about all that Metro does.

I have stayed above negative innuendoes despite a number of behind the scenes plays made against me by people who seem to see me as a threat to the status quo in Las Vegas. While they play hard ball politics, I have been busy engaging the public, in person, online, and with any radio or TV interview the opposition can’t intimidate away.

I haven’t cried foul and I am not putting the blame for political shenanigans on the Sheriff’s campaign. I’ve been around Nevada politics and know the harsh realities of this arena into which I ventured. Yet, I may still be naïve enough to think we would have a man to man argument over issues. My offer to do that will remain on the table as long as this campaign lasts. I pledge I will not bring any personal allegations into a debate or publicly question the Sheriff over personal allegations or anything to do with his family.

For me, the National story already out there and undeniable in nature is the flat out refusal of the Sheriff to tell the public what happened on October One. That is the campaign issue I am most critical of regarding the Sheriff’s performance in office.

To those who think I should capitalize on the latest allegations I ask this question. If it’s acceptable to hide what happened on October One, who thinks there will be transparency about the Sheriff’s personal matters and why is it my responsibility to shout about them?

What difference would it make for me to pursue stories about the use of repulsive language or real estate deals? Seriously, 58 people were murdered and the agency that investigated it can simply stop talking about it, fight clear public record laws, and finally just dump reams of data and days’ worth of video with no context. So even if it weren’t against my ethical beliefs, it would be a waste of my time.

To those who think I should respond to every negative video that hits at the Sheriff to distance myself from them, don’t you think I will be ridiculed for promoting those videos by posting them even if it is with a negative comment? I have struggled for a couple days over what I should say in this post because some will say I am pointing to the existence of the videos by acknowledging their existence. It’s a catch 22.

I take responsibility for pressing public concern over the Las Vegas Shooting. That goes to the distinct difference between Lombardo and I. It’s not sour grapes or salacious innuendo. It illustrates leadership capability the Sheriff lacks and I possess.

I will sum up my criticism of the Metro Sheriff machine and then we can go back to talking about my qualifications and ideas. Metro has been a closed society for too long. Every employee there deserves to feel they have an equal opportunity to advance, work in special assignments, and one day lead Metro. I’ll bring that kind of opportunity to Metro’s employees because I don’t owe any good ole’ boy system any allegiance. My duty is to the public and a big part of that is to run the best police department I can for their safety.

If you want my leadership ability in your Sheriff you can elect me. No one can control that. Change will come to Las Vegas someday. It can come as soon as June 12, 2018 if you want it to. Not because of personal flaws the Sheriff may or may not have. But because I am a better choice for the job.

Please vote in this very important primary. Speak the loudest with your God given right to elect the person you see fit, no matter who the people with money say it should be.

— Tim Bedwell


On June 12, 2018, vote Tim Bedwell
for Clark County Sheriff

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