You have heard it before and it goes something like this; “Once you’re sheriff, you’re sheriff for life”.

Tim Bedwell wants to break that tradition. Let’s look at the facts, crime rate is up, officer morale is low, and the incumbent sheriff Joe Lombardo has mismanaged our police department.

Even though incumbents claim name recognition and fundraising ability, incumbent sheriffs are no longer unbeatable at reelection time.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has been led repeatedly by reluctant hand-picked candidates with only organizational experience. They’re career bureaucrats. Tim’s opponent is a career bureaucrat. In today’s world the ease and comfort with the luxuries of bureaucracy never helps a community.

Reaction and Consequence

A poor communications department and a mismanaged supervisory command leaves our police department detached from an entire community. As law enforcement leaders around the country assert leadership solving urgent criminal justice problems Lombardo leads a command staff of reaction and consequence.

The call for change comes at a time when forward-thinking public safety practices like those dealing with mental illness must emphasize treatment and alternatives from arrest and detention for those suffering addiction or mental illness; we know the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is not among the leaders.

Need for Change

Clark County voters are demanding change; they deserve change. Voters have a right to expect a sheriff who will make law enforcement reform productive, rather than place blame on circumstances that create a significant rise in crime — while at the same time claiming falsely a decrease in the crime rate.

Voters should expect their sheriff to take the lead on jail reform, so that citizens who have not yet been convicted of a crime don’t remain in jail simply because they can’t afford bail.

Voters should want a new sheriff to keep the most dangerous criminals incarcerated the longest and allow others to be moved to approved treatment and rehabilitation programs. All of us should expect their sheriff to keep our children safe and secure. To keep our families safe from criminals who seek to harm us.

Foundation of Responsibility

Tim Bedwell will listen and lead. He advocates for open forums where the public can come and address whatever issue or concern they have. Open forums are something he considers invaluable to all of us. The promise that he will listen to every idea, every suggestion, everything that the public and the women and men of Metro ask for consideration. The promise that he will make our community safe and secure again will be the foundation of his responsibility as your next sheriff.

Our best opportunity for change, your best choice for sheriff is Tim Bedwell and he deserves to be elected our next Sheriff. He will take the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department forward and lead our community into a stronger and more balanced system of criminal justice and public safety.

Tim Bedwell is proven, tested and trusted and come June 12, you get to have your say in who will lead the largest police department in the state.

I voted for Tim Bedwell, he is the clear choice. Vote Tim Bedwell.


— R. Martinez

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