Green Valley Range hosting a town hall meeting in an effort to introduce Tim Bedwell and the other candidates running for Sheriff of Clark County. The evening was well attended and the Town Hall a success. Although, not all candidates attended, the incumbent sheriff was not in attendance which prompted many in the room to label the sheriff NO-SHOW-JOE.

This town hall was our community’s best opportunity to ask questions and get answers to help them make an informed choice as to whom the best law enforcement officer for the job is.

It’s been decades since we had a strong, tested and proven candidate like Tim Bedwell in an open race for Sheriff.

The outcome of the race for Sheriff will likely change Clark County politics for years to come.

Moderated by Jerry Tumminia and John Bebirian the forum took voters through the candidates’ stances on topics ranging from how they would manage the LVMPD’S 500-million-dollar budget and the prisoner mental health issues at the Clark County Detention Center.

Speaking to a crowded hall Tim Bedwell made a case for why voters should back him in this election.

Speaking to a crowded hall Tim Bedwell made a case for why voters should back him in this election.

“I have a strong common sense of right and wrong. That, combined with a deep desire to help out others.  When I am elected as your Sheriff, my commitment to serve our community will transform into the mission of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  Our mission will be one that puts citizens first and makes our county safer for each and every family” said Bedwell.

Tim Bedwell is vying to become the next Clark County sheriff. Tim Bedwell offers voters the first opportunity in more than 25 years to choose a new leader for the county’s largest law enforcement agency.

Tim has met with citizens, veterans, business owners, parents, teachers, and most importantly Law Enforcement Officers. He listened to their suggestions and ideas. He heard the concerns of the men and women of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and their families. They want change, they want new leadership. These law enforcement families have asked Tim to lead them into a new era of community service and protection. All of these men and women with hundreds of years of law enforcement experience say they are supporting Tim Bedwell.



On June 12, 2018, vote Tim Bedwell
for Clark County Sheriff

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