What is more important crime fighting? Or building public trust?

“I’ve lived in our community for almost 30 years and I’ve never seen it as worse as it’s been.”

If the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department want to ensure that we all can live in a safe and secure community must change the way in which they operate.

Tim Bedwell believes that changes in law enforcement management techniques and the inclusion of technology are a critical part of the larger picture.

The best available evidence suggests that a more effectively managed police force will lead to less crime and Tim Bedwell will apply new, proven techniques to make it a reality.

Tim Bedwell advocates for Digital Policing because it’s transforming Public Safety.

Worldwide, the innovation of Digital Policing is influencing an essential shift for law enforcement agencies and their officers.

Law enforcement and public safety agencies are attempting to keep up in a constantly changing world. The change in expectations for public safety and trust, new evolving threats,pressure to improve operational inefficiencies drive this change.

Crime Fighting/Trust Building

Should Law enforcement leaders focus on crime fighting? Or should emphasis be on building the public’s trust? Tim Bedwell is a proven and trusted public safety leader and he realizes that to build legitimacy the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police must improve crime prevention and public trust. Digital police technology and digital applications offer a new way for law enforcement and public safety leaders to do both.

All law enforcement officers have an essential need to connect to each other or to the citizens they serve. This is the fundamental reason why there must be a change in operational policing.

We are use to the immediacy of technology, police must acknowledge this to keep pace with a changing world. Police that embrace technology make it a reality for officers to be where crime is happening, when it’s happening. DPT should not replace the role of officers but rather usher in a new era of involvement and conductivity.

Policing objectives will not change but what must change is the outdated method in which public service is delivered. If Digital Technology is not deployed fighting crime and ensuring the safety and security of citizens becomes impossible.

Best Ideas

Failure to adopt technology will severely limit law enforcement to effectively operate in an environment of increasing budget constraints.

Tim knows those who have the best ideas, and typically have the solutions to our challenges, are the women and men of law enforcement working on the front lines, or people living in our communities.

As your next sheriff Tim Bedwell promises to increase public trust, to make people his partners and to increase customer satisfaction.

Tim Bedwell is proven, tested and trusted and come June 12, you get to have your say in who will lead the largest police department in the state.

Tim Bedwell is the clear choice. Vote Tim Bedwell.

R. Martinez


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