From the Desk of Tim Bedwell:

I was thinking the other day that I had been a police officer longer than I was a Marine. Then someone reminded me I am still a Marine, so that’s impossible. So with Semper Fi on my mind, I went online and ordered my miniature medals. I suppose its to wear at the next military ball I attend.

I did not expect the feeling I had when these medals and a separate mounting of my ribbons arrived. It’s hard to sum up how I felt. I had a wonderful career and came out pretty much intact. Many people give far more than I did and that may be why I never mounted my ribbons or medals after I retired from the Corps.

Michele made me dig up my original awards from a box to put on display. She often asks why I haven’t shadow boxed all of this stuff. But it’s not just my military awards. I have a box of badges. Yuma Deputy, Yuma Sergeant, Gilbert Officer, North Las Vegas Officer, NLV Sergeant, NLV Lieutenant. Diplomatic passports and various awards. I don’t display any of this stuff.

While holding the pictured medals it finally struck me as to why. I am not done yet. There is at least one more job to be completed. I don’t feel like putting my memories on the wall yet because I haven’t stopped long enough to reflect.

I am running for Clark County Sheriff and the longer I campaign the more people are counting on me to do great things in that job. Until I know my final major task for this nation, I won’t be mounting stuff on the wall.

It probably seems odd. When I was a Marine I had things on my office walls. So what changed? I don’t know. I guess it’s just that medals and badges stopped meaning much to me some where along the way. The things I did to help people became more important to me than any of the accoutrements of my profession.

I am proud of all of my awards, plaques, and badges. I am just not done with what I set out to do on March 23, 1975 when I first raised my right hand and swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I had turned 17 less then four months prior.

The voters of Clark County will give me a sign on June 12th. They can tell me to take up office at 400 S (Dr) Martin Luther King Blvd or tell me to hang up all my badges and ribbons.

I will unashamedly do the latter if so directed. But I believe God has more for me to do. By his grace, I’ll hang all of this in my new office as a reminder of the road I have traveled to get there. Or should that not be God’s plan, I’ll hang it at home. It’s time to display with pride the story of my life. I just don’t yet know where.


On June 12, 2018, vote Tim Bedwell
for Clark County Sheriff

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