Tim Bedwell

Candidate for Clark County Sheriff

Tim Bedwell has dedicated four decades to serving the needs of the public. Roughly half that time as an active duty Marine and the other half as a sworn peace officer.

Tim knew at an early age he would serve his country. He says, “My dad and mom taught me to respect others and gave me the desire to protect our Nation and its values.” Tim describes it as a calling to give back in honor of those who gave before him.

My father fought in the Pacific as a Marine in World War II. I knew at an early age that I would follow Dad’s model and serve my country.

In 1975 Tim joined the United States Marine Corps. During his twenty-year military career, Tim served his country honorably and with distinction including five years leading United States Marines as a Gunnery Sergeant, assigned to U.S. Embassies in Madagascar, Jamaica, and Greece.


In 1993, Tim began charting the next phase of his life as he neared the end of his military service. During his final two years in the Marine Corps Tim joined the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy. This was the beginning of a twenty-two year commitment to public safety. That journey brought Tim to Las Vegas in 2001.

Tim Bedwell is well known to the Las Vegas area as a coalition builder and passionate member of the community. He is an experienced police officer, supervisor, director, manager, lobbyist, advisor with proven leadership skills who has established solid professional relationships with community leaders, elected officials and government agencies.

In 2017 Tim, then Police Lieutenant Bedwell arrived at the decision to complete his tenure with the City of North Las Vegas in order to seek the Office of Clark County Sheriff. Together with his family, Tim decided to commit his energy to this next phase of his life. Tim’s dedication to protecting individual rights, maintaining public safety, and helping his fellow Nevadans are what motivates Tim to take this journey.

As Tim moves forward, he asks for your support.

The decision to run for elected office took a lot of critical introspection. In the end, my family agreed that there was still more I could do for my community.

This is not just Tim Bedwell’s journey, it is one he asks us all to join him in taking. Together we can make Clark County safer for our children and grandchildren today and for generations to come.

Tim’s Life

Tim grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His father was a hard working carpenter. His mother worked at home during the day and at night she worked in an assembly plant. They did not have a lot of money, but Tim’s parents taught him wealth was measured by happiness and love rather than money. Tim attended public schools, but he was anxious to join the military, in part to live up to his parent’s ideals.

Tim’s military career deepened his commitment to public service. Living in Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe gave him a deeper understanding of the world and the difference between American values and those of many other countries.

Sometimes Americans take for granted rights and safety that most of the world’s people do not enjoy. Protecting individual rights while providing for public safety is my passion.

Tim is married to Michele Bedwell. Together they have four adult daughters, an adult son, and a thirteen-year-old son. They also have two grandsons, two granddaughters, and another grandson on the way.


After his military career, Tim could afford to attend university, using the G.I. Bill. He graduated with honors from the University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and earned a Master of Science in criminal justice, organizational management, from Kaplan University, summa cum laude.

Personal Goals

Tim Bedwell’s professional career, education, and personal life has been committed to contributing everything he can to the safety of our country. From military service to local public safety officer, Tim has demonstrated steadfast adherence to the highest code of ethics and dedication to the oath he has sworn many times over the past forty years to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”


Join me in building a safer Clark County, a place where people can feel free of the fear of crime and where the police are known first and foremost as protectors of the people.


On June 12, 2018, vote Tim Bedwell
for Clark County Sheriff