March 18, 2018

An Open Letter to the Men and Women of the LVMPD Family

I penned this letter to each of you, sworn and non-sworn, across the entire organization as a way of introducing myself to you and your families, and to offer insight into my leadership goals. If elected Sheriff, I will become accountable for decisions on training, policies, discipline, hiring, firing, and much more. Determining what is best for the organization, its …

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March 5, 2018

More Detail on my Plan for Police Officers in all Clark County Schools

I was asked a great question about my “officer in every school” plan. Why isn’t this a school district police issue? My response makes my fundamental argument for the plan. The problem with trying to do this solely within School PD is more than a money matter. An agency their size does not have the infrastructure to grow that quickly. …

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March 1, 2018

I Will Place a Police Officer in Every Public School in Clark County

  Yesterday I publicly called for an overhaul of school safety in Clark County. The key provision of my initiative is to place a police officer in every public school. Like with using the National Guard in airports after 911, we must make schools safer immediately, by placing officers on every school campus. Sworn police officers need to be present in …

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